Summer 2014

Hey Everyone 

It has definately been a while since i have written in here i would say Spring maybe… At daycare i have been working fulltime helping in school-age with activities and going on some field trips, I have planned a superhero themed day and i wore a Green Lantern T-shirt, we made weapons and did some Live Action Role Playing. It was so much fun. Dan has been planning his youth retreat and planning for the following year for youth group and i believe this fall he will have a youth intern, Should be good.  This past week my best friend Rhiannon visted me in the peg and we have had lots of fun, deep talks, and funny moments together and just going out adventuring the Peg. I loved having her here and i miss her like crazy already and i think it’s because i dunno when i will see her next.  

I will be working more hours this year and taking some online courses, I pray i will be able to do it because last time i was hard to understand the website and instructions i pray it will work out, with JESUS CHRIST ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE 


Prayer Request 

1. Dan and i would draw closer to God. 

2. Spend more time together as a couple

3. figure out school/the future 


Love Dan and Liz R. 


Spring is here?

Hey everyone, Just wanted to give you a few highlights about what has been going on with the Rentons… 

  1. Dan has been pretty busy at work and last month with the junior highers there has been events like sock wars, small groups and the kids at the church have had pro-d-days and spring break, and senior highs have been doing bowling, tea night/chill night, worship night and then spring break so yes it has been busy. 
  2. This month dan and i have had some couples from our church come over for dinner/dessert so we can connect with people it has been good, but it still has been hard to connect closely with people it will take time. 
  3. During spring break for kids i have been working full time since the kids had no school so we were outside lots even though at times the weather was cold and sometimes warm and the snow was like slushy… but sunny so thats good, we still have snow… weather wise i say we are in winter and spring. 
  4. Small group we are apart of have been going good we are talking about the parables right now in Matthew. we also had a lunch with our small group where the ingredient was cheese. Yum! 
  5. Last thing i am going to talk about is about family and friends, the weather is getting warmer so that means people in BC can start coming over to The Peg. I won’t hear any excuses, come by for a visit you are more than welcome! love you guys!! 

PRAYER: For Dan and i to feel more connected at church and to figure out when and where to move, go back to school and the future like baby etc and only God knows. thanks so much 

Love: Dan and Liz 

February 2014

Hey Everyone! This month for us has been busy but good. We have been working hard, Dan has been busy planning a missions trip and planning a student leadership. It has been good for him and God has been helping and near him all the way. I have been working at Kids Incorporated since November and it is going well.. I work with school age and i plan and do a activity with the kids every tuesday and i take turns with the teachers to do one on one with a boy who needs support and i am enjoying it which surprises me because my last experience 2 years ago wasn’t good, I have a basic relationship with him and i learning what he needs even though he is not very verbal. 

This weekend dan and i went downtown to a hotel to have alone time and then on saturday we met with the Normans for lunch and ran around in the wintery cold to go to the christian book store that is closing… (so sad) we have to travel to Steinbach to go to the christian book store (that will be a good drive though!) and of course today TEAM CANADA WON GOLD!!! then went to church and hung out with the Normans again! we love those Normans! then bought the bible series and it has brought me closer to God and God used dan to talk to me when i had questions and uncertainty about life and reason why i have been backing off from God and people a bit this year. 

I feel my eyes have been opened! Thank you Jesus! and tomorrow after work we are starting to go to our small group. Feeling very grateful! 

Prayers would be to grow closer to God and people (connecting with people more) also to enjoy where we are in life, to enjoy it instead of always wondering what the next thing we should do.

Thanks everyone! xoxo 

Also BC peeps if you are reading this as well, we would love family and friends to come and visit in fact we demand it. 🙂 xoxo 

Love Dan and Liz Renton 

January 2014

Hey Everyone! 

Hope everyone’s Christmas and New years was good. Mine was bittersweet, I hung out for new years with some good friends of mine and played games and had loads of fun. Also on new years eve my best friends mom passed away so i wasnt in a celebrating mood but i knew Julie my friends mom would want me too. She was the one in Surrey who was violently beaten pretty badly… i had known her for 20 years.. I do go last week to the memorial and it was a beautiful service and i was glad i was able to go down to Vancouver BC to support Rhiannon (my best friend) and her family. 

Dan is busy with work which he enjoys, Lately he has been busy with his annual general report and on friday they had worship night. I dunno if i have mentioned this in my last blog but i got a job at Kids Inc. I work with school age in the afternoons and i help with planning activities and do one on one with a boy from time to time. It is going well. Also next week i am going to a Canucks game, they will be here in the peg so excited!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!

Goals for this year for myself is: exercise more, Drive more, get assessed for school and see how much schooling i need for my ECE. Things are going well for us in The Peg. love you all xoxo

November 2013

Nov 6-12 Dan and i made a trip to BC to see family and dan for him to go to a youth pastor conference.. so needless to say we were busy all week, we saw my in-laws and saw a hockey game and then the next day we went to my cousins house and had a party with family and friends and it was really good to see everyone. Dan soon went off to his conference which was in downtown vancouver, dan and i did stay at my sisters house while they were away. Basically i spent my days going all over visiting which was good because i never know when i will see them again. I love visiting BC, when i go back i feel like its 2 different lives between BC and The Peg, i hope that’s normal… 

When I got back from BC i got a job at the center i wanted and i like it, it is K.I.D.S Inc and i am working with the school age and i enjoy it even though i prefer preschool and they know that, i told them i am flexible where they put me and so i am with school age and it’s actually called EDP (Extended Daycare Program) and i am starting to plan activities for next week and winter break and it’s only been 2 weeks since starting so it’s going well. The daycare is located in a school and i think that is so awesome. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers and giving me the center i wanted. Also with Dan he has been working heavily with youth events and organizing talks for fridays and sundays and tonight he is at the junior high overnighter where he is going to tire them out with swimming, bowling, games at the church, movies, chocolate fondue, and sports in the gym, I know without a doubt he and the other youth leaders will be tired by 9am. 

Tomorrow for me is more Christmas Shopping!! 🙂 

Love you all so much!!

Thanksgiving and other stuff…

THANKSGIVING 2013:  2 days ago Dan and i had our first Thanksgiving where we cooked Turkey.. last year we had ham, we have never cooked turkey before let alone for other people.  It turned out really well we had turkey, ham. squash, broccoli cauliflower casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and stuffing, also had pumpkin pie for dessert but we bought that haha!

OTHER STUFF… mainly is my job/school situation.. i am actually at the point where i’m like what does God want me to do right now? I feel emotionally overwhelmed, there is an upside to this today i was told of a childcare website and it list centers that are looking for ECE’s or CCA’s i am a child care assistant, so i e-mailed and called a center and they have a open position available but they already have a staff member going through a program at red river college that i am trying to get into.. so i might still see if i can still apply at the center..  I am still going keep trying to apply for school 

Right now as you can tell things are still up in the air and i just ask for prayer for strength and wisdom during this season right now and most importantly grow closer to Jesus. 

Thanks everyone xoxoxo 


Autumn 2013/Beginning of 2014

Hey Everyone,

I just thought i would update you on what has been going on with the Rentons.  Dan has been pluggin away with youth group, Has done Youth Retreat, Worship Night and Ice Cream fight and it has been amazing and fun. Also They have been doing youth alpha with senior high. What is youth alpha? Alpha’s Youth Film Series is twelve episodes designed to engage high school students in some of life’s biggest questions. It was filmed all over the world in cities like London, New York, Vancouver, and Jerusalem. Alpha explores the basics of the Christian faith. 

As for me I have finished Adventures Day Camp which was amazing and so much fun! As of last year i was working at E-Free Kidz College at my church with the 3 year olds and last year went so amazing. This year as their isn’t enough 3 year olds registered for 2 teachers to be working i have to look for another job… but i am subing their from time to time and also in Febuary i am planning on taking my Early Childhood Education at Red River College, it is a workplace program and i will be going to school full time twice a week and the rest of the week i will work at a center that goes towards my schooling.

As of right now i am job searching for a daycare center to work at and do my work placement at, 

That is where Dan and i are at right now. If you could pray that I will be able to find a center that is roughly close to my house and have the strength, wisdom and ability to handle school with God’s help and also have a closer relationship with Jesus.  Also Dan would like prayer for to be a good husband and a closer relationship with God. 

Thank you so much everyone.

Love Dan and Elizabeth Renton xoxoxo