Summer 2014

Hey Everyone 

It has definately been a while since i have written in here i would say Spring maybe… At daycare i have been working fulltime helping in school-age with activities and going on some field trips, I have planned a superhero themed day and i wore a Green Lantern T-shirt, we made weapons and did some Live Action Role Playing. It was so much fun. Dan has been planning his youth retreat and planning for the following year for youth group and i believe this fall he will have a youth intern, Should be good.  This past week my best friend Rhiannon visted me in the peg and we have had lots of fun, deep talks, and funny moments together and just going out adventuring the Peg. I loved having her here and i miss her like crazy already and i think it’s because i dunno when i will see her next.  

I will be working more hours this year and taking some online courses, I pray i will be able to do it because last time i was hard to understand the website and instructions i pray it will work out, with JESUS CHRIST ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE 


Prayer Request 

1. Dan and i would draw closer to God. 

2. Spend more time together as a couple

3. figure out school/the future 


Love Dan and Liz R. 


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